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Government Office for Support and Integration of Migrants, Slovenia

The Government Office for the Support and Integration of Migrants provides asylum seekers accommodation, support and psychosocial assistance, and offers integration support to persons granted international protection. Asylum seekers are received by the Reception and Support Division, which provides accommodation at the Asylum Centre or one of its units. Through different programs carried out at the Asylum Centre, asylum seekers may exercise their rights in accordance with the applicable legislation. After the successful completion of the procedure, persons granted international protection are provided with assistance within the Integration Division to facilitate and accelerate their integration into Slovenian society, which includes, in particular, the possibility of accommodation in the Office’s facilities or claiming financial compensation for accommodation at a private address, the provision of Slovenian language courses, courses on getting to know Slovenian society and various additional assistance programs implemented by partner NGOs. Integration counselors work with beneficiaries of international protection to plan activities for their integration into their new environment, monitor the success of their integration and provide them with the necessary assistance and support.

The Office also provides accommodation and integration assistance to people from Ukraine who have obtained temporary protection in Slovenia.

Furthermore, the Office provides unaccompanied minors all needed care. Unaccompanied minors are accommodated in Student Dormitory in Postojna regardless of the status they have in Slovenia. In this facility, expert work and care for unaccompanied minors is provided 24/7 during the whole year. A special attention is paid to increasing the minors’ ability to choose among life opportunities, lifestyle, values and norms that allow the integration in the society as well as to assume the responsibilities for their own life.

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