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Council of Refugee Women, Bulgaria

The Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria helps all refugees and asylum seekers in the process of their integration in the Bulgarian society. We support the right of choice each person has in search of a better future for themselves and their family, regardless of gender, race, nationality, religion or ethnicity.

We work actively towards building tolerance, ethnic acceptance, understanding and support from local society regarding the problems of refugees, and we believe that the existence of peace is a natural requirement and prerequisite for positive the development and prosperity of each human being.

Our objective is to defend the human rights of the members of the refugee community. We assist the social integration of newly arrived refugees in Bulgaria. We create better environment for observing the right to humane and just treatment, ensuring equal rights regardless of race, social state, religion, gender or nationality. We involve Bulgarian citizens and institutions in the process of ensuring the right to request and receive support, without damaging the human dignity.

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