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Bundesforum Vormundschaft und Pflegschaft, Germany

Federal Forum of Guardianship Institutions

The multi-professional network Bundesforum Vormundschaft und Pflegschaft (German National Guardianship Association) was founded in October 2019. Prior to its founding it had already existed as an informal network of experts on guardianship issues for over ten years.

The members are associations, authorities and individuals, who work with or as guardians in child care and youth welfare services. Members seek to develop and improve the guardianship system in cooperation with stakeholders.

The German National Guardianship Association is committed to:

• Enabling the active participation of children
• Ensuring an effective representation of children’s interests by their guardians
• Contributing to reliable quality development in guardianship – promoting good practices based on scientific research
• Cooperation on an equal terms with parents, social services, foster parents and social workers in children’s homes
• Strengthening the four forms of guardianship: voluntary, professional, associational? and official guardianship

The main office of the “Bundesforum” is based in Heidelberg and has three staff members.
We offer the following services:

• Website ( and monthly newsletter with up-to-date information about the field of guardianship
• Research, reports and studies on guardianship and youth welfare services.
• Policy briefs and comments on current issues
• Organisation of events, lectures and trainings
• Contact to German and European guardianship institutions, e.g. the European Guardianship Network.

In case you are interested in our work, please feel free to contact us at Mails can be also written in English.


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